Colorful cotton dish towels in assorted colors and patterns. Loop located in the corner for easy hanging on hook or knob. $4.95 each towel.

Assorted handmade soaps. Made in the USA. Prices start at $6.95 per bar.

Beautiful jewelry made from real butterfly wings! Butterflies were raised to live their entire life cycle in butterfly farms, once the life cycle is complete they are collected and used for jewelry and other natural art. Assorted colors available. Prices start at $39.95.

Wooden honey dippers made from cherry wood. Made in the USA. Prices start at $12.95 each.

Display your patriotism with this clear glass disc with a star and a little red, white and blue flag in the center. Use as a holiday tree ornament or hang in a sunny window year-round. Made in USA. $24.95 each.

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One of our most popular pottery products! Mini Omelet Makers. Available in 4 food safe glazes. Microwave a fluffy one egg omelet in about a minute. Microwave, Dishwasher and oven safe. Made in the USA. $29.95 each.

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